Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good and Bad

The little one and the father prepared for yet another story session. A common routine for us is that every now and then, the little one will bring something he has created - a drawing, a model or something - and we have to create a story out of those things. The story usually has no limits - you can concoct the most implausible story with those things.

This time it was two small ship models - armed to the teeth with dazzling weaponry and bristling with technological capability that has not yet been invented or perhaps even conceived of.

"Here are the two ships. Which one do you want?" he says, offering me something with no real choice. I take it.
"I want to be the good ship. Now tell me what do you want to be?"
"I will also be the good ship."

"What? If both ships are good, then what story will we make?"

I smiled at the observation. We did make a story with no "bad", but he had stumbled on a very basic question, had he not!

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