Wednesday, March 28, 2012

From amateur learning 2

When you train under a pro, the way they teach you is different. Especially, if you are going to learn something as a pro that you have already played as an amateur. If you are learning for the first time, there is no unlearning or what you typically want to call as instinctive.But if you have played the game before, a long time goes off in erasing those bad habits and learning the new way.

The new way, or coach way you will observe in most of the games is all about technique. Each day you have to go through a warm up, a few routines, learn a few things and then try it out and see if you can bring it all together. They key here is learning those techniques and replacing those old methods with these new methods until it becomes "instinct". At that point, you will always, no matter what, not run to pick the shuttle in the court, but take steps. You will, no matter what, keep your guard up, not down. Your footwork will, no matter what, never let you down.

How does that happen? Pure practice. Nothing else.

And then the game that you play is a game of technique versus technique. What your opponent does versus what you do - both of you know essentially the same thing, right. How error free is your game versus your opponents. How many gaps can you pick versus your opponents. It is almost like a chess game where your opponent pit your moves, mind and strategy against each other.

Point being, it takes time. A lot of time. And willingness.

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