Saturday, April 7, 2012

Once upon a boat

The Internet is a wonderful place. A few months back, we had successfully created paper airplane designs from the web. And then, I thought, surely, there must be good boat designs available. And thus it was that I stumbled onto the design of a putt putt boat.

It was tempting to try and make it. The steamboat as a toy was available when I was a child, but not very easily. And despite searching high and low for it, I never managed to own one.

So I went through the site and figured most of the things required, bar one, were easily available. The one that was not available - glue gun - was also procured after some investigations and some asking around. So far so good. We spent a few weeks collecting the requirements one by one - soft drink cans, straws, epoxy, cardboard, tape and so on.

And then yesterday we embarked on this project. After a day of hard work, it worked beautifully. The joy of making things with ones own hands is amazing and the learning stays for a lifetime...

Thank you ScienceToyMaker

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