Saturday, May 26, 2012


Imagine -how creativity works is the title of a book by Jonah Lehrer. There are numerous books on creativity and yet creativity is one of those topics that is quite tough to be captured inside a book. And yet, Imagine does this quite well.

What Imagine does is it looks at examples of people across disciplines - music, sports, literature, technology among others and also explores the science behind these and tries to connect the two. That makes for very engrossing reading.

One part that had me enthralled was the part about how population density and people interactions in cities can give rise to ideas. Another section was on the way the Pixar workplace is designed so as to increase interaction and give rise to higher levels of creativity. Both these are great reading for someone who wants creativity in their workplace and are all worth thinking about.

As we think about this for the next generation, education is definitely an area that can be looked at in a different perspective, but thats my ongoing thought.

All in all, a great read - especially when you are about to take that flight and are searching for a book that will surely spark some thoughts!

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