Saturday, September 1, 2012

When problem strikes

Ever so often, be it in our work lives or in our personal lives, there are problems that need resolution. Sometimes something happens, something breaks and each time a problem strikes we are dumbstruck or blindsided and worse clueless how to go about in future.

Typically, a problem breaks an 'established' routine which leaves us feeling lost as well. At this point, we typically have two choices: Fix the problem or Do something different.

Most often, we go for the former (and many a time that is the right thing to do) - and try and see if there is a way that we can fix the problem. By and large that works, but sometimes, a fixed problem reappears in a different avatar. That is when most of us realize that the problem was only partially solved - or fixed.

However, if one takes a different approach - take a look at every problem as an opportunity to redefine a process, there is a great chance that the problem will be resolved for good and be used as a chance to make things better.

A lot of times, problems crop up because a process that was conceptualised has run well past its sell-by date. And if such a process breaks, it is a great time to say, hey, this has finally broken, what can we do to make this situation better?

Treating the problem as a re-imagination opportunity will help us get there. Yes, the demons of 'this is how it is always done' or 'why are you tampering with an existing process' have to be slayed, but this is a good opportunity to make an attempt to do so...

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