Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Learning Process

One of the pasttimes the little one has is watching youtube videos. Especially on Lego. Especially where someone explains the inner workings of some random thing that they would have built. Those videos are amazingly instructive and very very systematic. And mostly, by Americans, I think. And Americans are great in systems (my view). So, imagine a kid, who has been watching such explanatory videos over some time - at some point, he wants to make his own video. (Pretty standard I would think - if your coach talks about swimming/driving - at some point, you want to jump into the pool/vehicle and get started). This is the demo step, if you will, where the learner sees possibility.

So, at some point, the little one wanted to create videos. And, we have been creating and deleting videos for some time now. So, the demo and creation and honing process happens somewhat simultaneously. The practice phase.

And at some point, one of the videos made - actually not just the video, even the model that was made - was quite well made. The model was that of a car - with opening doors and boot and hood. And the explanation that followed was systematic, grammatically reasonably correct and fairly well done. I dont think even now, I will get a video of that high a quality so soon.

The learning I saw here was a combination of demonstration, practice and ultimately creation of a high standard (and it continues as the skill is honed).

The internet is out there - filled with good and bad stuff. What you make out of it, is in your hands.

"We are all in the gutter, some of us are looking at the stars" Oscar Wilde

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