Sunday, April 21, 2013

Work creation

I was talking to my uncle recently and we happened to talk about organizations. He runs practically a lean single person operation and hence his constant focus is to prioritize and do only the things that are the most important for his customers. Anything else is de-prioritized.

Unfortunately, as organizations grow larger, this focus is lost and there is a lot of pride in 'activity'. As they say in spirituality, mistaking 'activity' for 'action' is very common. 'Activity' and 'Action' are one and the same. A lot of 'activity' does not contribute anything for the 'economy'.

Like NREGA. One of the major criticisms levied against NREGA is that it is a ditch digging and filling exercise and does not result in asset creation or in contribution to the economy.

It is very tempting to create work where none exists - what we miss out that is all that 'work creation' if it does not result in meaningful contribution to what the customer wants. Not only does it waste time but also puts you back because ultimately, someone has to prioritize this over some work that would have helped the customer in the first place.

Developing thought...need to sharpen it further...

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