Monday, December 2, 2013

Clash of Clans again

We are still into clash of clans -the third week running. We have joined a clan, we donate troops (good citizen), we attack and defend with gusto etc etc. while keeping up with the levels.

It is engaging. No doubt. Addictive – perhaps yes. But then, well, the positive side is that if something so engaging is addictive as well, surely, it means that one has the capacity to stay engaged and get deep into something. And the addiction can be controlled by setting a few rules to the children, who in turn follow it.

But what is fascinating is the learning out of games like these – not a direct learning, but an indirect one.
In games, unless your resources are kept rolling, victory is not assured (whatever victory means). And these games, help you get there by small victories – in the form of points, trophies, achievements and so on.

Almost any game with resources follows this simple premise. Keep the money in circulation. Make your money work. If you have played Monopoly the only way to win is to keep the money rolling and invested. 

Games like these teach one a lot about resource allocation. Unless you allocate resources wisely and build the right things – it is tough to progress. And most often given limited resources, the choice is a tough one – makes one think logically as to what to do with the resoures. Even the design of the village allows for quite a bit of creative thinking.   

And then of course, influencing skills – the more you donate, the more the chance that you can become a clan elder – which he is now fascinated about – that gives you ‘influence’ within the clan. And nowadays a lot of conversation is about this logic – what to do next in clash of clans.

Interesting parallel to life as well. Hoarded knowledge never helps – it stagnates – bit by bit. Like money. Unless your knowledge is shared and growing, it is practically useless.But knowledge shared makes you a clan elder and gives you influence.

What level are you at again?

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