Friday, June 13, 2014

When neurons fire

I recently had the good fortune to meet a number of people who are the pioneers in their fields. As part of this, I met someone who is working on some pioneering things in gamification. And maybe gamification is a buzzword today like social media was yesterday and web 2.0 was the day before, but meeting with this person was an absolutely inspiring meeting.

I call these meetings, neuron firing meetings. You come away with the neurons in the brain firing on full capacity.

What happens?
One, they discover a common passion
Two, the passion for a particular idea is passed on from one person to another.
Three, one person says one thing, the other builds on it and like building blocks, they keep building on and on until something emerges.
Four, the conversation moves forward, relentlessly.
Five, there are no barriers in sharing - like this is my idea I cannot share it and so on.
Six, contrary to the above, there is a lot of sharing of ideas, potential and 'change the world' topics.

At the end, one comes out all neurons firing and a whole world of possibility opens up. How often has this happened to you?

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