Saturday, September 20, 2014

Decoded Company

I picked this book from my boss - and the title of the book did not seem very inspiring. But the book was quite a page turner. The book is all about analytics in the company - mostly from an HR space, but clearly this is an emerging field. (Question for those in HR - how many people think this is a competency that they can readily take up - and this is in my mind, an outlying competency that will be very important in the near future.)

The book rests on the Question - What if you knew your talent better than your customers? And that is a great question, because very few companies approach this question in that manner today.

This coincides with a lecture I attended a few weeks ago on HR Analytics. This lecture blew my mind on my possibilities of analytics.

Coming back to Decoded company - it is a great book with a variety of examples on how to use analytics across the HR function - Staffing, Generalists, Development and others. It is loaded with examples on how companies have done it - though for someone to do it, it takes a fair stretch both in imagination, technology and attitude...

And like all books today, it has a website and some resources as well.

I think I have to read this book again!

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