Monday, December 15, 2014

Experiential Training Summit

I had a chance to attend the first Experiential Training Summit in Bangalore today - thanks to the good people at Ozone. Organized by Center for Experiential Education, the conference, true to its name was all Experiential.

The keynote by Vijay Padaki was good - only he can pull of what he did - combining esoteric theory into a simple package with timing and wit.

It was followed by workshops - which were real, experiential workshops - where every participant got to do something or other. Whether it was by Satish of Somethings cooking or by Rajeev of Knolskape or by Ashley of Graphic Facilitation or the Pankaj of Center of Creative Leadership or Anirban of Painted Sky.

(I had to miss the last couple of workshops, but they did promise to be interesting - they were on storytelling and theatre).

But that experience made it really worth it. Of course, its obvious that for an experiential training summit, the workshops would be experiential, but to pull it off is something else.

And as an attendee, it was a refreshing conference to attend and I hope they repeat it again next year on a bigger scale

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