Thursday, January 29, 2015

The role of a teacher

What is the role of a teacher? And I do not mean, a teacher who stands and delivers sermons, but more like a guru who teaches a craft, inspires, motivates and takes her students forward.

The role of a teacher is to let the student explore. The easiest thing for a teacher to do is to reject a student. But that is like the greats who rejected Amitabh Bachchans voice. But a real teacher will explore with a student - the path. If the student has discipline and interest, the rest will follow. Notice that I dont mention talent - because talent is but a small part. Without discipline and interest, talent is useless. And I recall this favorite clipping of mine from the Kung-Fu Panda:

The role of a teacher is to not judge, but the student find her own path. And if the teacher cannot help the student, most likely, the problem is of the teacher, not the student!

Evolving thought, as always...

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