Friday, April 3, 2015

How do you stay up to date?

One question I always ask people I interview is "How do you keep yourself up to date." And the answers are very interesting. I have been taught many things which I had no idea about. Websites, blogs, communities, books (no, not so much).

Sometimes, while talking they talk about something and I note them for looking up.

So, an interview becomes a two way process. Where I get to learn something from those who I meet and hopefully, they go back with a nugget or two (and I try to ensure that they takeaway something - hopefully useful).

But over a while now, through the interviewing process, while there are people learning from Linkedin, HBR (and similar ones), blogs, courses, Articulate - the number of people who mention Twitter (as a learning mechanism) has been zero - which is quite surprising for me. Also, very few people seem to mention books as a source. Thankfully, nobody has mentioned Facebook so far.

Though on balance, people generally mention "internet" as a catch all bucket and then a blog here and there, but there is no one single prevalent source/sources. Very few mention any of the known sites like CEC/CLC, ATD, Bersin. And noticeably almost no one has mentioned any Indian website or blog. And twitter has a significant Indian presence. Worth thinking this IMO - for both sides of the table.

It is also good to see people highlight MOOCs on their resumes...

(Bunch of other thoughts, but thats it for now...)

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