Saturday, June 20, 2015

How learning comes in the way

Having learnt everything through English for most of my life - learning to read and write another language is proving to be an uphill task.

Other conversational languages that I have learnt have been learnt via informal structures - so we learnt to speak these first before we learnt to write - so the learning process was different.

But as I try to learn a new language (Sanskrit), English comes in the way. The grammar (or whatever little I know of it), the structure - all of it.

This is perhaps true for anything else.

If you have learnt something - unlearning that is an uphill task. Unlearning something and relearning something else (and these have to happen one after after the other) is a tough job. Whether it is a technique, whether it is instinct or whatever else...

When we play a game for example, tackling every next level requires a bit of unlearning, followed by insight and then the solution!

Unlearning is an important component of the learning process!

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