Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Open mindedness and humility

One of my favorite interview questions is, "So, what are you learning nowadays?"

Learning something is a great way to stay in touch with the learning process in itself.

Ever so often, we build high walls around us that prevent us from learning - there is arrogance  (I know everything) and that often leads to being blindsided.

I have been struggling with learning a new sport these days. Just the other day when I thought I had cracked it, I ended up with a hand injury that took a few days to heal. And then after that I had to face a coach who was making do a bunch of things which I thought was juvenile.

I could hear my mind go, "Am I supposed to be doing all this?" "I am beyond this" "Why is this idiot making me do all this?" "I know all this - I learnt it in class 1"

And then I realized that this is a typical response when we are confronted with change or sometimes with a different situation (at life or work).

Learning ensures that you are humble. Of accepting that the kid who is teaching you, is an expert in something you aren't an expert in. Of accepting that you need to learn more. Of accepting that you need to do more. Persist. Persevere. And keep at it till you get it (if you want to get better at whatever you are learning).

Learning ensures that you need to be open minded. That coach will tell you to move your legs in a particular way and keep admonishing (or encouraging) you to get that last bit right till you do it the right way. It is all about opening your mind to hearing, to listening, to calming, to accepting instead of rejecting...

And just having this exposure ever so often makes one a better human being...I love this process. 

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