Friday, May 6, 2016

Accelerating Learning

We sent the young one out to a summer camp. A six day wilderness camp. It was his first away from home experience. The camp seemed to be well organized. With activities, work, time for reflection and so on. He was also alone - had no friends - so he had to make new friends.

After those six days, he said, home is so easy after the camp. Asked him what that means. He said, there things will difficult - but here at home, everything is there. Comfort. The parental brain thought - wow, that is some learning.

Then he spoke about doing things on his own - which as any child would, he is not won't to do at home.

About making friends - what makes the human connect.

About caring for others.

I was amazed at the learning, the humility, the steps he had grown in those few days.

This will be one of his stand out learning experiences for some time I suppose!

Some processes like these do accelerate learning. There are situations also which do that. At times this happens in organized training as well and it is worth reflecting upon...

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