Saturday, June 4, 2016

Degrees of Creativity and Innovation

We were discussing the other day - what makes some people go after a moonshot? Why is it that while many people have ideas, far fewer have great game changing ideas, and even fewer step out to venture on that path and still fewer make it a success.

We spoke about maybe it is depth as opposed to breadth - but then when fairly young people are going after problems that much greyer people have not envisioned - that does not quite hold water.

Is it because what we are wired to see or what we have taught ourselves to wire and see? Is it because we are afraid of failing? Is it because we are all comfortable in our safe cocoons and we are leaping from the bed inside it instead of trying a greater leap outside?

There must be something in it. Is it the perspective they bring to the table because of having seen some other industry. Is it peer group? It is risk taking ability? Is it a fearlessness of failure? Is it the willingness to put effort? Is it persistence? Is it an ability to never give up?

How is it that some people are able to envision while some cant? Why is that some of us are content going after small ideas while others cannot rest until they have cracked the big one? Why is it that some are content going after small problems, while others go after the big ones? And what makes some people able to go after unstated problems - and that is usually where the magic lies.

And this is not about technology at all. There are so many places where things have been re-imagined in very very impactful and meaningful ways.

What flips that switch? How to flip that switch?

Questions, questions... 

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