Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ted Ed

Give the kids the internet and they will click on anything that is not connected to education. That in a nutshell is how kids are.

Games are good, but puzzle games? No. Math game? No. Something that remotely resembles education? No.

Ditto when it comes to videos. Mr Bean? Yes. Random junk cartoon? Yes.  Mindless advertisement? Yes.

You get the picture?

So when the little one was given a link to Ted Ed, I was not very optimistic. He had not liked Khan academy, so I was sure this will go the same route.

Somehow, Ted Ed caught his fascination. And for now, he has junked youtube and random games. Even if his interest dies down in the interim, it is good that he has this at the back of his mind and he will switch to it (as he often switches to his favourite people on youtube who have taught him, among other things, origami, lego and other experiments. 

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