Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sale, sale, sale, sale, sale...everyday is a sale

I am sure, you, like me, are a member of a few ecommerce sites. Most of whom have all your personal data (but you don't know it yet). Be that as it may, for the present, they have your mail id and phone number.

And if you are still among the hapless people who use the same email for registering with the ecomm sites and your work/regular email - your mailbox will be under sever duress by now.

Ditto with SMS. Almost all of human communication has moved away from SMS - leaving the SMS to the bots.

And what do we get in these SMSs and mails?

Sale. Sale. Sale. Everyday there is a sale.

Either there is sale of specs (the last time I bought a specs it was when my doctor recommended a change for me, not when there is a sale).

Or there is a sale of donuts (yes, make statins miles free with them please, that may tempt me a few decades later).

Or there is a half price sale of lingerie. Or apparel. Or electronics. Either it is Diwali. Or a Zillion Zollar Zale. Or the last 3 days of some sale.

Net net, every day there is some sale or other. Each of them wants to use my impulse to buy with a promise of low price like there is no tomorrow. And we all know that there will be always be another sale, like the proverbial next bus.

While these notifications spam my inbox and I see them only when I delete them, the question I have on this is; Are these periodic sales the only way to boost sales? That too on every site? Is there no other way at all? I mean, specs to donuts to potted plants to jewellery?

PS: When you walk around in Bangalore - at many places you will see a shack put up with the board - Bombay sale, Furniture sale, Books-by-the-kilo sale and by and large people ignore them. Undeniably they have a market, but, if one is an e-com site and everyone is offering periodic sale - they will reach the point of these shacks. Sure given the size of the market, people will bite, but, my question is - is there no better way?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Shoe Dog - Phil Knight

There is something about this book - a quality that I am unable to put a word to. When you read this book, the story of Nike - and unlike other much heard about stories in the tech world, this is a story that I had never heard - there is a lot of reality in it.

And thats what stands out - that it is real. Very very real. Real emotions. Candid. There is grit. There is struggle. There is tenacity. There are stories of breaking down. Going down. Not giving up. The one thing that endures is 'not giving up'. Ever.

The story is of someone - Phil Knight (and his band of co-founders and the core team) and how he and his team get to where to got to. And to a large extent about Phil holds it all together. And the journey with its ups and downs and how they continued to stay there despite numerous obstacles professional and personal. About how each of them sweated it out to make it.

As I read the book, I was unable to put it down. Shoes? Yes, a story of shoes - unputdownable. The narrative, the pace, the events - it kept pulling me back because I wanted to know what happened.

The construct of the book is also interesting with some Zen like quotes. I really can't say more - this book is worth a read for every aspiring entrepreneur out there.

Nikes story has it all. Ups. Downs. Many ups. Many downs. But at every down, they come up...and that I suppose is what makes heroes out of ordinary people.