Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Games and Mindsets

Clash Royale is back in the centre at our home. After saying no to the algorithm, we are now back with gusto. And I have learnt some interesting lessons.

In Clash Royale, one tends to fall back on certain strategies that work. And like most strategies in the real world, they reach their sell-by date quickly as opponents adapt or levels change. And like most strategists in the real world, we tend to get stuck in our own world view.

In the latest edition of our on off relationship with the game, it is with inputs from my son that I have been able see a different world view (and if I may add  - vice versa to some extent as well). This has led me to trying different combinations and trying out things that I otherwise would not have tried out. Why? Because it was working. It was after a lot of permutations and combinations that it began to work. Why should I change now?

Because one, it is not working and two, it is good to change - was the advice I got. I also got the advice that trying and failing is better than failing without trying something new.

Cut to business. We expect business to work in a particular way. But no, competitors do something that upsets everything. Markets change. Prices move. Opponents react. We flounder. And then we refuse to change our stack of cards. And wonder why the world is behaving the way it is. And some people step in to give advice on strategy.

As we see in the simple advice of a game for example, change is good for others. For oneself to change and truly have an open mind that adapts is, well, not as easy as it sounds. Imagine if one invests so much into a game strategy card deck of 8 measly cards, business is a different matter altogether!

PS: We still think that the big brother algorithm is at it, but well, for now, this is a great learning experiment.

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