Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A trek - like life

As I completed a year of entrepreneurship, I decided to, coincidentally - take a 5 day trek across a part of the Himalayas. In this process, I learnt many a life lesson.

Though there is a goal, the goal has to be attacked in small chunks and stages. Most of the the time, the goal is not visible - at least not in the exact shape envisioned by you.

Climb the first mountain only to see the second tower ever so taller in front; climb that and see the third show a daunting face; and so on...Each time the view gets better...

When you reach the goal, you will know.

The route is never visible, you will only know it as you go forward.

The terrain keeps changing - be prepared.

The terrain is never the exact way you imagined it to be...

It is hard work - and there will be times when you will feel like giving up. At those points, just keep putting one step ahead of the other- and slowly, you will reach your destination.

Dont forget to enjoy the sights along the way.

Rest. Take a break. Then start over. Again.

Soak in the sights. The breathlessness. The tiredness. Soak in the tough parts as much as the rest parts.

Each day, pick up your stuff and keep moving.

There are ups, downs, straights, curves, winds, rain, blizzards, slips, ascents, descents - mostly these are all mixed - very rarely is it a cruise control mode.

Keep talking to your guide - they are of great help.

Find companions along the way - sometimes ahead, sometimes behind - but there are companions along the way - though it is often a lonely walk.

Sometimes it is a bull, sometimes a shepherd, sometimes a flying bird, sometimes a flower... 

Yes, it is a comforting life outside the trek - and many a time you will wonder why you are doing this at all - but that is life - the experience of doing it is unique - thats why. It is, therefore I am.

Reflect. Stretch. Prepare. Each day.

Give. Happily. Freely.

Respect the gods/values along the way...

And I promise you, you will have a great trek - through life and in trek.

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