Monday, August 7, 2017

Podcasts ahoy

I am a reader. I can read anything. Anything. Fact. Fiction. Humour. The wrapper of a biscuit packet. The newspaper cone which the peanut vendor passes on. Anything.

On the contrary, I cannot understand when I have to hear. Not beyond a point atleast. And that beyond a point is as immediate as tears on cutting onions.

Mildly put, I like to read and understand. I cannot bear to hear lectures - either in person or on video or audio or anything. My only experiences with audio-books have been as sleeping pills. Yes, I can listen to songs - but nothing that I have to reflect and comprehend.

I have tried a couple of podcasts as well many years ago - when it was the rage - but gave up because of the above reasons.

But at the urging of a friend, I decided to give it a shot again. Its just two podcasts thus far, and I seem to have been able to hear and comprehend.

Looking back, I realise that perhaps when I tried it earlier, it was off a desktop or on a device that did not have mobile internet. And the second difference is that I hear it when I am doing nothing else - like walking - and not while I am doing something else...

So, one is convenience - and the second is uni-tasking...But this is a revelation to me that I can actually hear and comprehend stuff...

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