Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ken and the art of writing...

It is a pleasure to see a business try out a new model. Few weeks ago I had written about how new media is still playing by old rules.

It is here that The Ken is breaking new ground. It is a purely subscription model - and it prides you on getting you hard to get, well researched information. And that means real work - more than writing marketing puff pieces or opinion pieces written in a cab ride.

And it is not a ton of content - it is limited content - I think its about 5 articles a week, but each of them makes you think.

This is a true digital adaption - a new form of journalism that is not ad dependent (as traditional media is), but depends on discerning users.

So, yes, a fan of them - almost every article has been hitting the right notes for my kind of interest, but goes on to show that even in a crowded space, there is space for differentiation. 

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