Sunday, March 18, 2018


Of course, it is a Pulitzer prize winning book, so it is a great book.

But here is what I liked about how it ticks the boxes in terms of what I really like in a non fiction book.

One, it takes a historically known something and tell you many things you did not know. In some cases takes something unknown and makes you aware. Or throws light on a new concept.

The second, it brings people alive around it. Brings to light facts, personalities, their quirks, how they worked, how they researched.

Third, it connects them - and Gene especially does this very well. Joins the dots beautifully in an intricate tapestry.

Fourth - and this is the bonus with Gene as compared to other books in this genre - is that it is very well written. It is page turning, like a fiction book. Like a mystery; well almost.

Fifth - the story is not a linear story. It goes back and forth, into new branches, characters pop up in one place vanish and show up in an another place - sometimes, across a generation.

And finally, it makes it all simple. In a way that even non-scientific person can understand.

Some books like Tipping Point, Thinking Fast and Slow, Sapiens - all tick most of these boxes.

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