Wednesday, April 4, 2018

From the other side

Recently, I read Paul Allens - Idea Man. And set me thinking about how in a team when there is one 'Big' founder, the story from the other side is often more unvarnished and presents a different perspective than the dominant narrative.

And thus, I started re-reading iWoz to see if there were some parallel perspectives there.

For one, both Paul Allen and Steve Wozniak were the 'idea' guys. Both were avid tinkerers (and I am coming to believe that tinkering is an essential part of the learning process.), got interested in something early and pursued it with a lot of freedom.

In the not so prominent founders book, you get to see a more human side of the prominent founder with all their flaws. You get glimpses of the early culture of the company at the time it was founded and so on.

The founders seem to have something in common (passion for technology, hands on in technology) and a complementing skillset (one tech, one business). One of them is more 'communicative' in the sense of 'marketing savvy'.

The lesser partner's story, if you will, is more candid when it comes to certain things (culture, behind the scenes) while the more well known partner is more about an image (could be true the other way as well).

Having said that, either way, for a long time, the two work in tandem, take decisions, take risk - sort out conflicts - one way or other, are fully transparent to each other and stand by each other.

As you (and your partner) build a company, it is important to have continuous conversations on what is the vision, direction, next steps and stay tuned into each other...

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