Monday, June 18, 2018

What motivates a consultant?

Well, what motivates me?

When I work with a client, what motivates me is Am I feeling valued? If my input useful for them or is just something that is a tick in the box for them? The fact that my inputs are valued motivates me. The fact that the client is invested makes a difference. When you are asked to come in with a template approach - that is far less motivating than it is when the client comes in with an open slate and is willing to work through the challenge. Sometimes, the client is not invested in solving the problem as you are, but thats for another day.

The second thing that motivates me is the Impact I am able to generate. Greater impact means greater motivation.

There are assignments when both dont happen - but thats for another day, but whenever the two happen, I as a consultant feel motivated to give my 100% and more.  I also feel that they two have to ncecessarily co-exist.

Developing thought I suppose...

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