Friday, August 3, 2018

Get wet gracefully

Through a series of coincidences I found myself at Thane Dongurli for the monsoon trek of 4 days. Organized by YHAI, this is a once a year trek and my friend told me that it is a unique trek. 

Get wet gracefully... It's a monsoon trek they said. 

We complied.  Imagine getting wet on the way to seeing a bunch of waterfalls... And then getting drenched in it and then getting wet on the way back and everywhere in between. Add slippery surfaces, slush, mud and forests and 4 days you get a monsoon trek. 

Every waterfall is different. Some are tall, some short, some gushing, some silent, some slippery, some smooth, some strong.Waterfalls have personalities - from their names (slippery, turmeric) to their sounds to their flow. They may be visible from a long distance (like the Hivre triad) or hidden in a cove (like the ones on day 2 - out of which one is hidden so well that passers by wont see it unless they watch out for it). 

Some of them are so hidden that it takes a walk through deep forest to spot them. Some of them are the kinds you see in screensaver images - they are so surreal. Every approach is different. Some are a steep incline up - some are down. Some paths are pebbly, some rocky. Some paths are slippery - some leafy (yes). Some are lined by trees, some are lined by bushes that are upto your eyes - that you an barely see ahead. 

But every waterfall is unique - like a person and personality. When you spot it, it is like meeting a new person and falling in complete love with each waterfall, embracing it and feeling one with it...

Yes, as they said, the only way to enjoy a monsoon trek or waterfall - or life is to fully immerse oneself into it - there are no half measures!

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