Thursday, October 20, 2011

Everything can be re-imagined!

I read and re-read this article multiple times.The camera has been re-imagined, again! (link via @lukew)

And that too without a megapixel notation next to its name! And it is not too long ago, in this generation, that the camera went digital from analogue. We barely have said goodbye to film cameras, haven’t we? And I purchased my first digital camera in 2000 – and felt good to be part of a digital revolution. The camera was the Sony DSCP something – which gave me a grand 2 megapixel resolution. Today that camera would perhaps command a place in a museum – given its rather chunky design and weight. And now this – the Lytro camera is almost a requiem to SLRs and all those knobs and buttons and things that you needed to create a great picture.

Hell. This is crazy is it not.

Just a few years back, we saw those chunky keyboards on phones being replaced and now they are all over. Even as we speak, the PC and laptop era is going away - and giving way to the tablet revolution and those keyboards we grew up with will be history. And before we take a breath to pause, voice recognition “Siri” is promising to be the first of many steps in which our interaction with machines will change drastically and dramatically.

Think about it. Everything can be changed. Everything. Everything that you thought as ubiquitous is disappearing.

And when was the last time you dusted your training that you plan to offer to those unsuspecting audiences yet again?

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