Sunday, December 2, 2012

Presentation skills

One of the most asked for, repeated and perhaps most pedestrian of all trainings is the Presentation skills. In terms of numbers it is possibly the most delivered session across the service industry. And yet, it remains one of the trainings that can be continuously re-imagined. Those two words, Presentation skills are more two words - they are a world of stuff to do there. There are many who deliver it using theatre, art and many more technology oriented modes - while there are others who help it the traditional way - including the Toastmasters. So, this is also not an easy session to deliver since the audience knows a lot of things anyway.

The last time I did this was a few years back. As I went through the slides of that time now, I found myself cringing at the quality of the presentation. And that is the beauty of presentation skills - each time there is scope for it to be made more contemporary.

So, this time around, I put some thought to it and am thinking how to make it more contemporary and meaningful for the participants. I have got some ideas on how to make it happen...I have about 3 weeks to prepare and think about it...

Evolving thought...

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  1. Interesting Neel..Looking forward to know the creative outcomes!


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