Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gamified Presentation Skills

Creating a tool or a game or an aid for presentation skills has been on my mind for a long time now. As someone who has developed, designed and delivered many versions of presentation skills and slide making skills, this has been a question in my mind.

And I thought of something fairly obvious - a deck of cards (Yes, I am a huge fan of card and board games) to help people as they work on their presentation. But when I looked this up, there seemed to be a few products that serve this need.

And so it went. There did not seem to be any new value addition that I could bring.

And a few weeks ago, I attended a session where we had to evaluate a speaker and there was no feedback for the speaker.

The insight for me was that many a time giving feedback is 'difficult' I suppose. The issue with feedback is - that most often the only way to do it at the 'Point of Presentation' is with paper - And many a time, people just cursorily fill out the sheets with any random number.

If it is a digital survey - that is sent post presentation - the response rates are very low. If it is done immediately - beyond a single click - people do not really give it a thought.

Feedback can definitely be made more meaningful and actionable - and that is the road to getting better at presentation Skills - practice and feedback - and one more thing - that is - being yourself.

And thats when I got an idea. That instead of creating a toolkit for the 'preparation' of the presentation - where there is enough material around -I created a gamified toolkit for giving feedback for presentation skills.  And it is visual so it is simple for the audience to give feedback and equally simple for the presenter to take the feedback.

Can't wait to try it out for a real audience!

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