Saturday, June 15, 2013

Learning the nature of work

One of the latest apps to have caught the little ones fancy is ‘Tiny Troopers’ where a triad of soldiers have to keep plodding through combat missions. 

As they complete each mission, they make money and collect medals which they can use only for the very next mission – the coins and the resources are consumed - and the missions are built in a way that you will generally end up spending what you earned. 

And if the mission fails, they have to ‘buy’ the resources again. The only way to do that is (especially if your stingy dad refuses to buy medals and equipment and what not random virtual items) – is to play in the lower levels, make money and use it in the mission you want it for.

Recently, I saw him plod diligently through yet another mission. I asked him what is he upto playing on it since in the last mission, he was beaten black and blue. He replied, “I am working in the lower level to make money and then I will buy a flame thrower and win the next mission.”

Wow…that’s what we all do and what better way to learn it than by doing. 

Slog to get something…practice to reach a higher skill level…go back knuckle down, practice, get fit, conditioned, visualize, spar, study so that the upcoming performance is a success.

Interesting learning, I thought..

If that is a learning…sure…keep playing...

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