Monday, June 3, 2013

Subway Surfers

Most of us who have smart phones would know of a game known as 'Subway Surfers'. And most of us would agree that it is a practically useless game.

There is a random person running along the railway tracks collecting random stuff and paraphernalia. And to help the addiction thing continue, they helpfully change the 'city' and some associated graphics and 'stuff' and 'characters' every few weeks - just so. And that was my thought as well.

Until I heard this conversation between the kids.

"Don't waste money" said one to the other.
My ears perked - did they figure out how to buy an app? Did they crack my password? And then I figured that they were talking about how to use the gold coins that they had collected in the game.
"Dont buy the skateboard now. It is a waste of your money. Use a skateboard when you get the skateboard free. Use the coins for other things that will help you more."

The conversation continued until one convinced the other about the need to use their resources smartly.

And that brought to me this thought - that many of these games while they learn about defeating enemies, building cities, logic - they also learn the importance of using resources smartly - and in a 'osmosis' kind of way.

So, Subway Surfers is not that useless a game - it teaches resource allocation. Hah, let them play.

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