Saturday, August 10, 2013

Authorized guide

Many years ago (and I realized that this movie was a 1991 release) in a Malayalam movie (a classic, remade in multiple languages) - Kilukkam - the lead actor Mohanlal - plays a tourist guide. And a supporting actor plays an authorized guide.

In most tourist destinations, even today, there are 'authorized' guides who charge you 'fees' fixed by the 'authority' and do some good 'guiding' if you are lucky. And there are also 'unauthorized' guides who will charge you 'less' and 'guide' you as well.

My own experience with both kinds of guides has been iffy. The authorized guide has not brought anything that great to the table. And my experience with unauthorized guides has been equally non descript.

But in the movie, the authorized guide is a drunk who cares little about the destinations or the tourists and is only looking to make a fast buck. The unauthorized guide on the other hand, predictably, is the good guy.

But as far as metaphors go, it is a good metaphor. What do you bring to the table, your certificate or your passion (continuing from the previous post)? And when I have to get in touch with you, why do I do so? Because protocol states that I contact the training department for training? Or because I know you bring knowledge, passion, enthusiasm among other things to the table?

If the sole reason why people get in touch with you is certification or protocol, then, remember, it will get you a foot into the door, but not too much beyond that. What gets you forward is the other things beyond the piece of paper or org chart that you bring to your role!

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