Friday, October 18, 2013

Bio toilet behaviour

Recently, in an train, we saw a bio toilet. Indian Railways toilets have evolved little from a hole in the floor - but it looks like they are into producing newer coaches with bio toilets. This is a very good initiative except that they are looking at over a 100 years of behaviour to be modified.

The previous toilets were just a hole in the floor and people would throw just about anything into it - garbage for example or used bottles - among other things.

But in the new toilet, throwing anything into the toilet -will mess with the bio digester. Read more here.

Now the problem. When one enters into the bio toilet there is nothing that tells you that this is a bio toilet. I mean, there is a notice, but from what I gathered not too many people are into reading notices in train toilet.

So, how does one change the behaviour? From my experience, behaviour change requires a bit of nudge or a cue. In this case, biotoilets should 'scream' biotoilet from the time one enters into it. Perhaps paint it green. Make the notice in big bold lettering and put up messages where people can see them. Or make the lamp inside with a green tinge or put a green small led, but something that makes the user go 'wow' and reminds them that this a biotoilet. That will remind them each time they entire that this is a different toilet and hence requires a slightly different behaviour!

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