Saturday, October 26, 2013

Building a USP

Recently we visited a few temples in Tamil Nadu - across Rameswaram and Kanyakumari and the vicinity. Rameswaram, of course, is the site of the place from Rama made his epic journey to Sri Lanka and the place is filled with numerous references to the Ramayana. The government could, of course, create a 'Ramayana Trail' like Sri Lanka has done, but leave that aside for the moment, because what the government cannot or will not do is created by the market and the auto-drivers and tour operators and temples have done that.

But across the landscape every temple we visited had a USP. Like the Bhagavathy Amman temple in Kanyakumari - its USP was that the reflection of the diamond nose ring of the goddess idol used to be visible from the sea. The Tiruchendur temple, apart from its antiquity and historical and mythological significance, practically located on the beach has a wall where you hear 'Om' if your put your ear to it (created by the sea breeze). The Uttirakosamangai temple has a 6 foot emerald idol. Imagine that these USP's have existed for millenia and people keep coming to it even today. For some it is the architecture. For some it is the religious significance. For some it is history. And so on.

As we build various things - sites, programs, services, think about the USP - the branding - what does that brand stand for? How do you get your audience to come there? What is the USP for the various audiences who you intend to service? And are you able to communicate it? Are you able to sustain it? Are you able to serve the value you intend to?

What is the USP - or UVP - Unique Value Proposition that will keep people coming to it for many years - again and again? Worth a thought!

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