Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ludo and sports

Just last week, we were all playing Lego Minotaurus, and while the game is similar to Ludo - it has its own tricks and very cool variations.

But the thought was that any Ludo-like game is placed on not letting someone win. And while that may be how one plays games, fundamentally, the aspect of other real games is about wining - by being better and not winning by preventing someone else. That may be a rather thin line, but it does lead to a difference in thought process.

While playing Ludo, I am not trying to get better (and I cannot get better at throwing dice) - I am only using my chance against my opponents chance in order to not let the other person win.

While playing sports however, I have to consistently get better at doing something so that I beat my opponent by virtue of being better. In that case, my real competition is myself and not the other person.

And in real life, the latter is a surefire way to satisfaction while the former method is a surefire method to feeling bad about onself and hating others as well...Random thought!

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