Friday, January 24, 2014

Son of Somebody

Recently, someone called me up and spoke about  <Insert Famous name> and then just as my ears perked up said, <his son> is coming down for an event, would you like to attend.

My instant response was a 'whyever'. Why would I ever want to meet a famous persons son, however famous that persons father may be. If at all, I would be interested in meeting the man himself.

At any rate, on googling, I found that this son had established himself quite well - but, if that were the case, these guys were getting the marketing wrong. If the son had established himself well, he did not need the additional tag of the father. And that tag is actually a hindrance from getting the son to establish his own name. And if he has not established himself, it would be a waste of time.

After all, nobody likes dynasties. We all like self achievers. Those who have come up the hard way, from a simple background. The world does not really like people born of silver spoons and who think that meritocracy is for others and all they needed was to born in the right household.

But human tendency is as such to glorify the next generation - and one sees that in many single person organizations - where there is no second line - because you see, they want their next generation to be that second line and such places are bad places to work - whether it is in politics or at business or for anything else.

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