Wednesday, March 5, 2014


One of the things I do to keep up with the Learning and Education space is look through apps on the iOS store. This has become a side hobby with people walking up to me and asking what is the new app that you are looking at these days.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Dragonbox, an app that teaches equations to children without them knowing that they are into solving equations. I was intrigued and let the little one on it. And sure enough over a few weeks, I saw her solve these equations with remarkable speed and awareness - not knowing that she was solving equations.

The game is all about isolating a box using some permutations and combinations - it uses dragons and other beings at the start and slowly, it morphs into numbers and alphabets.

But the app is creative - to get children to solve equations - and it is worth a dekko for all of us who sometimes claim that things cannot be simplified and there is no other way to learn certain things than by some 'tried and tested' way. And best of all, this was invented by a professor if I am not mistaken.

For a detailed review, read this Wired post.

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  1. Very creative app! Learning concepts through games and not realizing that, we are in the process of learning is a brilliant approach.


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