Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Millennials, Schmillennials

Millennials, millennials, millennials. Millennials are the new black sometimes it seems in the human resources world. Every discussion is about how to accommodate them in the workforce, how managers need to change for the millennials and how to change learning strategies for them – to name just a few.

So, in order to keep with the neighbours I read up a little

Clearly, as in almost any human behavior trait description, there is no one size fits all. But my primary thought that was that really, Millennials, like many other sociological archetypes is a state of mind as well. Especially as seen from an Indian perspective. While technology may play a part, the state of mind is independent of technology.

It may also be a ‘confirmation bias’ in a need to be seen as ‘millennial’.

Maybe I am confused with my own understanding (read the traits and values in the above link), but the more I think of it, the more I think it is as much a sociological trait driven by the zeitgeist of the times as much as a state of mind – with the difference in numbers that can be attributable to a need to be seen as millennial and some technology influence.

This is my own theory, but will preserve it for later use.

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