Saturday, May 3, 2014

What is creativity

What is creativity? There are a zillion answers out there and I have explored some of them here itself. While I am no authority on creativity and while I am no famous creative 'type' there are occasions in my life when I have been blessed with creative output.

During one such discussion where we were playing around with a new concept, one person said, "Look it has already been done before. So our idea has lost the game before it was in the reckoning"

But that was the beauty of creativity. The idea may be out there - but to do it differently is creativity. For example, public transport exists - in whatever form in the country. But to do it differently - better comfort, higher speed, greater safety, greater reliability - is creativity. We have been learning for ages - but an ipad app that lets you learn through play is creativity. We have been working out for ages - but a wearable is creativity. We have been cooking for ages - but a new recipe is creativity.

The idea can be a constant - it is always letting the user do something. Every idea is about the 'user experience'.

How that user experience can change by virtue of the creativity you apply is the moot point.

In a nutshell, "Yes, we did it. But can we do it differently? Very differently? Turn the idea on its head? Make it flow with passion?" Now if you can answer yes to any or all of those questions, you may be onto some creativity.

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