Wednesday, May 7, 2014

When disciplines intersect

Creativity, Breakthrough ideas, are often found at the intersection of disciplines it is said. A recent book, The Medici effect looks at exactly this. This great example which I found on twitter yesterday (via @KS1729) blew my mind away. It is simple - Carnatic music notes set to 19th century British violin (the kind, which my non musical mind thinks was heard in Disney fairy tales like Snow White). The effect of it is tremendous and so creative. So, a multi disciplinary approach could result in a higher degree of creativity.

Update: Turns out that the story is much more interesting. This was composed in the late 1700s when Muthuswami Dikshitar, one of the Carnatic composer greats was exposed to English music - and composed a set of forty odd songs based on various European/English notes (hence called nottuswara). The effect is mindblowing to say the least. That a great carnatic composer was able to stretch his mind, appreciate another type of music and come up with something totally unexpected - what a phenomenal result.

Here is one more (again via Keerthik on twitter). What all creative minds can achieve - if they stretch their boundaries!

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