Saturday, March 21, 2015

Co-creation and why it is used rarely?

Few years ago, I had the good fortune of attending a few design thinking workshops and learn about it.

I attended a prototype workshop and went on to co-facilitate a couple of sessions as well. There was much energy in designing this approach. For one it was novel. Second, it was beautifully designed. Personally, I believe that the way we structure the first two phases above helps in getting a better third phase.

But this is one of the few methodologies (in my limited knowledge) that harness the power of co-creation.

Wonder why other trainings do not use it as much. Simply put, I think it is too painful for the people to think and design it thoughtfully (that requires time at both ends - design and delivery). And if it is done, it is not very effectively positioned in my view. That means people usually end up doing it was a superficial activity.

And I do not mean creating an action plan - which to me is the simplest form of co-creation, but fairly overused in many aspects of training - but it is something which has potential provided it is positioned the right way. One place where we had attended made people fill a sheet on what they would do in 6 months and 6 months later, it was delivered at our desks as a check to see 'did you achieve what you promised you would'.

I also do not mean just doing some activity there like a case study using instant memory and forgetting about it.

Sure there are sessions like joint business planning where some work happens. But unless it is backed up with pre-work and commitment it becomes just another top of the mind exercise.

I think this is one area that has good potential - of doing something there that has a tangible output and can also be used to build recall later - much later.

Developing thought...

Is a hackathon an example of co-creation? I think it is and it is a tool that usually has very good effects. A great example of learning by doing and co-creation. Plus a host of other benefits. Probably the best example yet of co-creation.

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