Friday, March 6, 2015


A learning experience often is not about telling me something I don't know. That is easy. The sum total of what one person does not know as opposed to the sum total of what one does know is far greater. So, telling someone something new may not be that much of a stretch.

However, making them see an existing thing in a new light is far more difficult. If you are used to doing something in a particular way, doing that in a different way is far more difficult than doing something totally new.

Therefore, in a learning experience, insight happens when I am shown something that I already know or rather think that I already know and then use that insight to move me from what I know to what I don't.  Insight is that powerful question that makes you pause, and go, hmmm..that is a different way of looking at it. That is insight.

Insight most probably does not mean a complicated solution - the problem may be complicated for sure, the analysis may be complicated for sure, but most likely, the answer may not. 

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