Thursday, February 25, 2016

On creativity and art

A lot of times when we discuss about inculcating creativity into peoples lives, one of the most obvious ways people come up with is 'art'.

So, in general, a typical session on 'creativity' is about painting (mostly), theatre (sometimes) or some other art (rarely).

There are two issues with this approach. One is that someone who is a theatre artist or a painter or a follower of some art  - also knows this craft very well - that means that she pursues this art over many years and masters it. This does not imply that they are 'creative' though this is the cliched approach to creativity.

Second, just because a nuclear scientist paints one (or ten) picture (s), will not lead her to discover a new atomic particle.

So, if someone attends a session on creativity - and paints a bit and dances a bit, it will do zilch to their creative life at work or otherwise. Sure, it will open their minds - but like in any learning experience, unless it is followed up with, made meaningful or given a connection/tool to work with - it remains just that - an event.

A lot of times we see people do creative things - be it in their gardens or kitchen or even tinkering with something - at work or otherwise or anywhere.

The question here is...what do you do at work from a cultural standpoint to allow for that?  Do you encourage that or is your employee only expected to paint in the creativity workshop and then return to a place where such tinkering, experimentation is strictly discouraged?

And while reading about it, I found an excellent resource on creative thinking here...

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