Thursday, February 25, 2016

Teaching creativity

Does creativity need to be taught?
And if so, what are we teaching?
How does one teach creativity?

My own belief is that creativity does not need to be taught. Neither can it be taught. Because it is not like physics or music that it can be taught in the manner of a process.

But creativity is all about opening minds - and if that is the definition, one can take people/students through the process of openings one minds so that one is more open to ideas, receptive and so on.

The second part is that creativity is often an attitude. A person who is creative is just as creative in life as well. Creativity requires one to be open minded, open to new learnings, experiences and therefore, it is but natural that it will flow into ones lives as well. (Note: Logical, but does not always work - so that is a caveat.)

So, what can we teach? We can teach people possibility. We can teach people to observe. We can teach people to pause. We can teach people to question. We can teach people to unlearn. We can teach people to experiment. We can teach people to play. But they know all that already - so the teaching process can gently take them in that direction and then let them figure out the rest...

But the best thing we could do perhaps is to allow people to be aware of each of those above processes...etc. etc. etc.

How can one do it? So if it were a workshop, it would have to include a bunch of things (yes, thats in my head for now). That enable people to explore all of the above. But that alone won't be enough.

It is important after that for us to be able to give them something to take back that they can continue to work it after the 'event' is over.

Evolving thoughts!

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