Monday, January 2, 2017

6 months into entrepreneurship!

Nearly a half year along the entrepreneurial journey in the learning consulting space and these are some of my thoughts and observations.

Sales cycles are long and can be frustrating.

As many books as you can read, rejection is difficult to take. (Yes, it is not rejection and I have  possibly read all the strategies around it)

There is only one way to experience the entrepreneurship journey - and that is by taking it. Everything else is like learning to swim on land.

There is a wide world out there. The learning in a few months of the journey is much greater than a 10 times timeframe of a similar secure job. The nature of work, the types of firms, the types of people are all very different.

Differentiation is the key (and as much as I work on it, I think the question is a constant one). Everybody thinks they are different, but the market does not see the difference. There are may 'quasi' differentiators, like there is 'quasi' IP, but very little in the real sense. There are some great differentiators in the market like Knolskape!

There are underserved areas in the market - which are not worth serving, but there are also underserved areas in the market that are worth serving.

The market does suffer from a fair amount of 'me-too-ware', and there is space for new ground to be broken.

Note to self: It is important to keep optimism levels high not by vapourware, but by small wins.

Entrepreneurship is a risk, but to make the big risk successful, a series of small risks need to be taken.

There is enough work out there, more than what one can handle, so go out and fish! Everyday.

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