Saturday, October 14, 2017

An Entrepreneurial Journey and a lesson

As the Leader of a reasonably large sized team, the team does have ups and down. Sometimes, an initiative we design does not see light of day or is rejected by stakeholders. Sometimes, it is a moment of frustration. Sometimes it is dejection. These things keep happening.

One of my managers told me the other day, "The one thing I see about is a never say die quality. Whatever happens - be it the worst thing - you only see it as an opportunity and you always see the positive side"

As a leader, we do not have a choice. You cannot be dejected or have a hang dog expression. It is important to keep the spirits up. It is important to show a positive direction to people.

And when you go off on the entrepreneurial journey, some amount of optimism is needed. Well, correction. A large dose of unbridled optimism is required. And this time, there is no team. All that optimism is for you, with you, inside you.

I have read all I can about this. How to handle rejection. How not to click refresh 847 times in a minute to wait for the email that you expect to receive. The difference between role and identity. Have many sets of small victories to celebrate. And so on.

The entrepreneurs journey is a lonely journey.

It is also a deeply personal journey.

It is a journey of a loss of identity.

It is like running to a cliff with a glider on your back. The glider has not really been tested in the open air. It works well in closes spaces where there is no draft or vagaries of weather.

Will you fly, will you fall? Will you fall and then a timely updraft will rescue you? Can you read the wind? Or will you land safely enough to take the next attempt.

That glider is your identity. The old one. Its gone. Weathered. You need to build a new one.

And discover a new identity.

It is like the hero's journey...Fly...

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