Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Myths that persist

Over the last few years, I have had the privilege of viewing learning and development from a ringside perspective as well as from the inside view. It is interesting to see how many myths persist in this space. This is just my perspective  - based on what I have learnt.

The myth of Left Brained and Right Brained people. This myth refuses to die - despite being proved by research. Like many myths, there is a certain element of truth - the brain is indeed divided across hemispheres The brain is far more interlinked - this much is very well known-- but to categorise a person as Left (artist - yay cool) or Right brained (accountant - hence boring) is just laziness.

The myth of multi-tasking. This was hight on the radar a few years ago - it still persists, but again, has been largely disproved. There is almost no such thing as multitasking - the changeovers during switching affect productivity - and all our devices make it worse. Read this piece for all collection of insights on it...

The myth of Learning Styles. This myth which states that people learn through various styles - visual,  auditory, kinesthetic - among others. This myth has been comprehensively broken down here...but we continue to have conversations about 'how are you going to tackle this learning style'. The fact is that we mostly, only learn by doing. There is no other way. Step out of your comfort zone, learn, do, repeat till it becomes a habit - everything else is a shortcut that goes nowhere.

In your experience, which other myths continue to persist?

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