Sunday, January 19, 2014

3 projects and a weekend

One of the best ways to spend time with the little ones is doing something - rather - making something. This process is a very energizing process for all of us. We identify what we want to make, scout materials, make it, commit mistakes, patch up and finally we make something. We are seized with the energy and passion of getting to make something. A whirlwind of activity takes over the house and the floor is strewn with things - one might think we are in the process of reimagining the whole world. The entire process is just great fun and at some point, the outcome kind of becomes immaterial - the fun is in the journey. And thus it was that we started off this time too.

Project 1: Snow Globe
Project 2: Pinhold Camera
Project 3: Solar Cooker.

As you can see, our scale of ambition was unlimited - and not related to our capability at all.

Result wise, Project 1 was a success, if you leave out the fact that we did not account for the refractiveness of thick glass which led to some distorted views. There is also impending danger of the globe becoming a fungus settlement warned the biotech expert.
Project 2 was a success, if you leave out the fact that the pinhole camera required some amount of visual dexterity and extraordinary levels of IQ to figure out what it was showing. The camera is far away from winning any excellence award in pinhole cameras.
Project 3, well, I think we need 48 hour days to cook anything more than melt butter. Or we wait until the Sun becomes a white dwarf and the whole earth is cooking anyway.

But as far as journeys go, they were absolutely rocking. Paint, mess, paper, water, glitter and what not and a glorious weekend to look back at. What else does one want!

Yes, sometimes, someones measure of success may not be someone elses measure of success and rightly so. 

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