Saturday, August 30, 2014

Invisible conversations

It is extremely difficult to do a presentation these days. Because there are two conversations in the room. One, the visible conversation where the person is talking, sharing views and so on and so forth. The second - which is the invisible conversations is the messages and the whatsapp flying across the room (and perhaps even outside the room).

Some conferences have made this into a fine art by allowing twitter feeds and hashtags - but not every meeting is amenable to being shared publicly.

These invisible conversations set the pace across the room. If an 'influencer' finds the talk boring or painful - the sentiment is transmitted across the room in a nanosecond. (And again, it is not the influencer - but the fact that the sentiments shared across the room are affirmed and confirmed so quickly that if your talk is a bore, it sinks faster than a stone that cannot swim.)

Cracking this is difficult. What does one do from a design standpoint? Well, simply put, harness it. Which means, double the engagement - digital and real. How does one that do that? There are many ways - is all I would say right now.

The 'second screen' as they say is a reality at all points in life - not just in front of the TV.

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